It’s been awhile…but I’ve been busy as HELL!

ImageHere’s what’s been going on:

The lights on the polar needed adjustment, so that took a couple of trips and a total replacement of the internal lighting. I took out the LED ropes and replaced them with LED strips, with all kinds of colors, dimming, and a remote to control it all! The bear looks great, the staff at the hotel told me that they had the bear Seahawk green for the Super bowl.

The staff is happy, and best yet, the buyer is happy. Happy enough, that he asked about us speaking about art in a few months. This is the satisfied feeling of a job well done, and a customer made happy!

I really do believe that the job is NOT done until the collector who commissioned the piece is happy. It was no trouble to me to do what had to be done to make this piece of art perfect for the collector.

Next, we had a funeral to attend. My brother-in-law, a complex relationship, died of cancer last month. He was a vet, Navy, and was cremated. We went to Reno, Nevada, for his flag folding and his celebration of life. One thing, that we hadn’t thought of, came to bite us, metaphorically speaking. Dogs are not allowed, not even in the car, in the VA Cemetery. I am not complaining, just that it meant that I stayed out while my husband went in. The dogs and I found a shady spot and spent the ceremony there.

Reno is the most boring city I have ever been to. My heart was broken when I went to the skybridge deal that connects the casinos, and the mermaids were gone! I was so disappointed, that they were gone. The charm of the old place had been replaced with a digital hell. I wanted to market some art, but to whom? It was not the Reno I was at years ago, and it’s different, and not in a great way.

Next, here’s the latest mosaic, in progress.

It’s the genetic tree of life, with mtEve and Y Adam as a red ribbon, wrapped around mtEve’s tree. The tree springs out of the earth, with the continent of Africa, where humanity evolved, in the forefront.


The little circles are where little faces are going.