Persephone in Bloom.

Persephone in Bloom.

Persephone in Bloom


Operation Bear Proceeds!

Fiberglass shell

Chuck cutting the fiberglass shell

Today was the cutting of the fiberglass off of the foam form (I challenge people to say THAT three times fast!).
It involved two saws, the Dremel plunge saw for the long areas and the 4″ Ryobi grinder for the really low spots that the plunge saw couldn’t get.
Today we did the bottom of the bear. It looks pretty cool, I think. This clear bear standing there. Check ’em out.

Prying loose the shell

Prying the form off of the model.

Now the actual piece pried off of the form. It even stands on it’s own! Pretty good cutting, on the husband’s part, I have to say.

The clear front

The front of the bear. Better be careful; an invisible polar bear might be hungry

Now the two rear parts are now being joined back together by this cool guy fiberglass selvage tape. We have the bear booty propped up and fiberglassed. The glass is setting up as I type!
Tomorrow is the top part of the bear; that one is going to be complex. We have to cut it kinda like a butcher cuts up a steer. From there, it all gets put back together with this fiberglass selvage tape.
Tomorrow, it’s off to my storage area for my welding gear and the bandsaw. I’ll also be packing the bear form back into the boxes that it stores in. The HUGE boxes that it stores in, cut in pieces. This thing takes up three HUGE boxes!
Tomorrow after the rest of the form is cut, I’ll be glassing in the ends of the armatures. I have to head up to Tap Plastics, I have to get some short pieces of really thick acrylic rod for the support of the bear.
The LED engine for the fiber optics is going to be in the middle of the bear, right behind the access panel I’ll be putting in the back of the bear form.

Wear the dust mask!

Safety first, kids! Note the dust mask…


The third cut

The third cut

Colleen holding the pieces

Holding the pieces


Clear tape for mold release

Using tape as a mold release. It worked GREAT!