Starting a New Project, a Mosaic Orca

I’m starting a new project, peeps! This one is going to be an Orca. Breaching on a column of waves. With lights, of course!  The orca I’m going to do in white and a dark violet, Black is the actual color, but it doesn’t illuminate the way that I want this to be. 

Here’s pics of the beginning of the form! Truthfully, this is a fairly crucial part of the process, It’s better to have the form as close to what I need as possible, to minimize work and the chances of error, 

I’ll be doing the dorsal fin and the pectoral fins separately from the body, then attaching them before attaching to the wave column. I need to be able to move the orca around in order to find the sweet spot for the center of gravity. I want this to be sturdy and to be able to stand a child getting overly friendly.

Today was the body, tomorrow is the head and the fins. I have to pick up some plastic to line the inside of the form for the expansion foam, then I can line the inside with it. Wrinkles really don’t matter, because I’ll just plane them off.

Here’s some pics of today’s progress!

.  ImageImage