So it’s been awhile….

When He Died

When my husband died, my mouth wasn’t big enough for the scream.

Life can be a real rollercoaster ride. Seriously. I typically love rollercoasters, but not this one.

My beloved husband of fifteen years passed away from airway obstruction.  The saddest part was that his death was unnecessary; we live in a trailer park, due to finances.  The EMT”s decided that because we live in a trailer park, that he was a drug addict and treated choking as an OD, which killed him.

The lesson here is that assumptions can kill. Yes, they sure can.  The war on drugs has turned us into a society that lacks empathy.  The bias these EMT’s had proved to be deadly, and according to the autopsy, incorrect. He had no drugs in his system other than his prescribed bipolar meds.

So, as in all things, art is the medium of my expression.  I can’t do this any other way.


One response to “So it’s been awhile….

  1. I’m sorry you were the victims of an EMT that should have had 1 thing on their mind, saving a life. Not judging one. Sadly it happens all to frequently. …. I hope you find comfort and peace someday soon.

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