Secrets and Lies, GearCon 2015 PDX

GearCon is here again, and I got an invitation! I had fun at the last GearCon exhibition, so this one ought to be a good time, too.

The theme of the art show this year is “Secrets and Lies”. How appropriate, I thought. I’ve been finding out all of these family secrets that were deliberately lied about.  That goes right along, in my mind, with the secrets and lies that underpin most of secrets_lies2015-02-11 12.43.41 civilization_done_tile

the civilizations that we humans have come up with.  There’s a lot of bodies that are buried, no matter where one looks. In this case, I’ve used a Western woman, one that is French, to symbolize the West.  We see this symbol in the statue of Liberty, in the famous painting of Liberty overrunning the walls, in Revolutionary  France.

The French were the worst of the lot, when it came to slavery.  The estimates are that they enslaved approximately 1.5 million people.  The United States came nowhere near those numbers, in the total of people enslaved.

Now the piece is sitting, curing. In about two days, after the cure, she gets her grout. I’m using a charcoal colored grout; I could have used a white, but that is not the blood and bone that has created the foundations of our society. Nope. Black bodies, Chinese bodies, Native bodies (lots of Native bodies), all watered the roots of American prosperity, often without getting to share in that prosperity.

This piece is about that, as well as the secrets and lies in my own family, and the many other families that are out there, with ancestors they can’t find.


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