Back to working on an orca.

It’s not the big orca, that one is going to require a scaffolding to fiberglass the form.

Nope. This is a little orca,  one of five, for a piece with a pod, that will hang from a ceiling. I’m also going to use this little form, about 24″, to make an art piece that incorporates water, somehow.

There is an idea, amorphous at this point, kinda roaming around in my brain. I’ll let it swim for awhile and then try to corral it.

Here’s an image of the first orca. It’s wrapped in plastic because that cuts it off from oxygen, which makes the fiberglass cure faster and if one has too little catalyst in the resin, it also helps it harden.

It’s a good idea to have a sheet of plastic around. Nice thing, is one can reuse that sheet over and over again.

The resin doesn’t stick to it after it hardens. I usually take a scraper to the forms after they dry, because the resin will harden in the shape of the creases of the plastic it’s wrapped in. A clay scraper, the one with the wooden handle and the double edged scraping blade, is the best. I also use a hooked knife for linoleum, as a scraper and to cut away rough edges. It does a great job!

Orca form

Orca form, wrapped in plastic


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