Almost Done! The Bear is Close to Delivery.

The project is proceeding smoothly again!
Mr. Bear, as we call him around here, is just about ready to attach to the base, which is just about done. Later on today, I’ll head out and get some new casters. I got them but instead of grabbing the ones I wanted, the crazy wheels, I got the ones fixed in place. Oops! Makes it hard to move the bear to vacuum under him, if they aren’t crazy wheels. I shudder at the thought!
I can see the headline; Hostile Glass Polar Bear Attacks Hotel Employee! Film at 11:00…
The tedious visits to the attorney’s office, for the liability suit…
Yeah, I shudder again.
It’s not always comfortable to have an artistic imagination!
So, without further blah, blah, blah, some pics of the nearly completed, prolly tomorrow, MR. BEAR!!!
*trumpets blow, drums beat, and the crowd cheers wildly*
The crowd WOULD cheer wildly, if this grrrrrr program would do what I want, and post those pictures!
That part isn’t going so well. I’ve been trying since yesterday to post the pictures to this. I’ve used three different browsers; I’ve come to suspect that it may not be an issue on MY end.
I can get ’em to upload to the site, but they just won’t show up in the post. GRRRRRR!!!
OK, that HAS to be the fault of the WordPress software.
Has to be.
Doesn’t it?


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