‘Polar Bear Dentist,’ a New Career Path?

The first glass to go on!

The first glass to go on!
Sharp teeth and most of his nose!

Forcing the head into submission

Forcing the head into submission

Close up of the bottom teeth and the tongue, blue glass on the bear's lip.

Close up of the bottom teeth and the tongue, blue glass on the bear’s lip.













I’ve been working on the bear’s jaw set and tongue. I have to say, they look pretty ferocious!

The mouth of the bear in real life is dark and blue; I’ve used glass to replicate that darkness. In this case, Mr. Bear had to have his palate and the white glass grout painted with Peboa glass paints. One good blast from the heat gun and that stuff is ON THERE! No doubt about it! I have a little work to do to clean the teeth before we attach the base.

Today, I’m covering the teeth in a thin coat of latex rubber. I find that it’s easier to get fiberglass resin drips off. One just peels off the latex and voila! Clean polar bear teeth! They did look pretty realistic; I cut myself, and got blood on the lower fangs. Kinda disturbing, in a way…

OK, I have pics of this bear’s mouth. Check  ’em out!

The attaching of this head has been an adventure, I have to say.

In years to come, if there were ever a dispute as to if this was my work, just swab some of the glass in the mouth; I’m sure there’s some of my DNA in there.

The face/head had to be done in pieces. I had to put shims in spots to make up for the lost mass from the kerf, the cut fiberglass that then makes the pieces 1/8″ away from one another.

This can really screw up a good form. So I got my trusty sticks, some rope and there we go.

Kinda off topic, but not…

The sticks. I bet humanities first tool was a stick, and here we are, with the dust of centuries, millennia, behind us and what is still the favored human tool? The humble stick.

Or in my case, not so humble paint sticks from Home Depot with bad attitudes. I think that when I stick a stick in a place that needs a stick, that stick ought to stay there, right?

It turns out that as far as the sticks are concerned, I can stick it. Just not where I want the sticks to go. So I said screw it, and went with a rope solution.

Polar bear bondage…




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