Let There be Light in the Bear!

We spent last night and the night before, doing fabrication of the lighting armature. The lighting of the bear has to be done before the third and fourth coats of fiberglass go on the bear.

After cutting out the original door, I decided that I didn’t like it; too narrow and too high up. We’ve put the original door piece in and fiberglassed over it. It came out great. After all of the coats are done, then I’ll determine where the door is going to go and then Chuck will cut that out. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to fabricate the hinges for it, but I have an idea…

I’ll post it when the idea coalesces better in my head.

Here’s some images from last night’s work period.

As you can see, the bear is partially together; it won’t be long before I put the glass on! I’m really looking forward to that!

Putting together the armature

Putting together the armature for the internal lighting.

The armature is made up of mostly acrylic rods. I used a piece of white plastic to fabricate the “joints”, so to speak, between rod and armature. The donuts, as I call ’em, started out as solid white block. I just love the drill press! *happy sigh* It allowed me to create a part that would have been hard to find and hard to adapt. Hey, any excuse I can find to buy a new tool is a good one!

The center armature


The LED rope lights. This is the first of them. They’ll be wound round an armature in the legs.

The first of the light fixtures is in, but not set yet. I have to get the lights set at this point in the build. There are parts of this that will be MUCH easier to do before the final three pieces go on. Then we’ll cut the door into the body.

Here’s more light pics!



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