Claws and Teeth, Argh!


The last couple of days has been all about shaping the glass claws, the teeth and the tongue. That shaping is being done with both the 12 speed drill press and a diamond bit; I’m also using a Dremel rotary tool for the fine work.

This is a process that leaves me covered in powdered glass. Thank you, 3M for that wonderful dust mask! Remember, people, silicosis is incurable and there is nothing romantic or macho about working sans dust mask. That’s just plain stupid.


This is the bottom of the feet; that thick piece of acrylic is the pad that will bolt to the oak top and the steel cross plates that I’ll be drilling the six holes today.  It’s also about time to finish assembly of the steel cage that will hold up the bear, and be beneath the oak. This is going to be an incredibly heavy piece of work.

The glass alone required a forklift to get it into the back of my Trooper. That stuff is HEAVY! All of that weight will still be there, just in a different configuration than flat sheets.

With this in mind, and that the bear had to come off of the form in a few pieces, the seam at the center had to be strong. So I used 1/8″ acrylic sheet to make the attachment points. The sheet is held in there with clear pegs, in order to reinforce the seam where I’ll be fiberglassing the top and bottom together.



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