Busy, Busy, Busy!

 Fabrication of the parts that I need for the lighting armature

It’s been a busy last couple of days! Lots of progress!

I had to fabricate some of the necessary parts, but not a problem! I have the technology! One 12 speed drill press at the ready.

I needed three round pieces to go around the acrylic rod, with holes in them for the acrylic supports and the armatures for the arms and legs, as well as the light fixtures that are going inside the bear. I went to Tap Plastics and got the 1″ white acrylic block to make the donuts.

For the foot pads, the acrylic is clear, with brown paper to protect it. I used a butterfly bit to get the large hole in the middle and a drill bit for the two smaller holes. The carriage bolts to attach the base and the bear will go through those holes. Lighting cords will go through the large hole in the center of each pad.

foot_pads1parts2Fabrication of the parts for the lighting armature


The bottom of the bear, put back together. At this point, the next step is the acrylic piece that’s going into the inside, in two pieces, to attach the top to the bottom of the piece when we get it to the installation site. The attachment piece, like most of the components of the form, are made of clear acrylic. The connection pieces will be attached via fiberglass and acrylic posts that will screwed into place on the inside for attachment to the form itself.





Once again, sexy assistant ripping the acrylic in two pieces for the attachment points inside.




These are the cast jaw pieces for the lower jaw. They are in two pieces for a good reason; it’s easier to get them into place accurately in two pieces, rather than one. It has to do with the angles of the jaw and the jaw set with the tongue. These have been somewhat worked on; the pictures just don’t capture the detail that I’m putting into the teeth. Once I have them carved the way I want, with the Dremel, then I’ll paint the gums with the heat set glass paint, leaving the teeth themselves white.




Here’s a shot of the oak. The grain of this is lovely. We cut it to preserve that grain. I’m staining it a lovely blonde color. Look at the close up. This is going to be lovely. The oak is going to be sitting on a steel base inside of the oak, to hold up the weight of the glass on the form. It’s surprising to people to realize that the glass weighs a considerable amount.





This is the shelf that I fabricated with a heat gun and the acrylic, to form a shelf for the fiber optic illuminator. It will be glued into place permanently when I have it at the best spot for the fibers and the electrical cable.


GRRR! Look at those teeth! At this point, the form is there, and I’m shaping in the fangs. It’s a complex sort of shape; conical with a twist that gives the tooth it’s sharpness and shape for biting and ripping.


This is the upper part of the form, in the process of piecing it back together. I have to do this in stages; next is setting the connection pieces in place. Then the armatures for the lighting. Once that’s done, I can attach the access panel on the back after attaching the bear to the base.  That part is going to involve steel plate under around.




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