The Biggest Jigsaw Puzzle I’ve Ever Done!

This bear is now off of the form, and in the process of reassembly. It’s like the biggest and most difficult puzzle I’ve ever done. The very largeness of the beast is a huge part of the challenge, but it’s coming right along.

I’m hoping to be able to start laying glass in a couple of weeks. Hurray!


In this shot, my husband, Chuck, is cutting the access panel for the bear. This will be on hinges that I plan to fabricate, to accommodate the glass.

DSCN2757Cutting the bear fiberglass shell off of the formDSCN2765DSCN2771

Cutting the form

Hurray! The bear is off of the form, ready to be reassembled. It’s very much a puzzle, very much a challenge that I thoroughly enjoy.






A view from the bottom up to the back of the head. The clamp is where the seam has been fiberglassed with the clamp to hold it in the proper place. A jigsaw puzzle with the nasty smell!

After this is put together, to the point of all but the head being on, I’ll start the wiring armatures. I’ve got to fabricate the donuts I’m going to use on the inside, made out of clear acrylic. I’m hopping off to that magical place, Tap Plastics, tomorrow, to get the acrylic for the donuts and for the inside bands.

I’m putting two bands, made of clear acrylic, on the inside of the bear’s top and bottom. The top will have tabs that project downward, to match up to holes in the band of the bottom. Then I’ll screw the acrylic screws in, to hold the bear together as one piece.


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