A Girl’s Best Friend

Is a finely crafted power tool!

I spent today with the Ryobi grinder, with the sanding disk as well as my Dremel rotary tool. I so love a nice power tool…

I sanded down both pieces today, which was a breeze with that 4″. I used the Dremel for the tight spots. That bear is now as smooth as baby’s butt. Ready for the cutting off of the form!

I’ll be using a plunge saw for that job. Uh HUH! I can’t tell adequately, what the feel of a quality tool means to me. It’s a thing that is just right. That tool fits in the hand and  is well balanced, making it a pleasure to use.

I also got my fiber optics in the mail yesterday!!! Hurray!

Now I’m waiting for my grout to come. Back order, back order! I so want to check it out!

Fiber optics for the bear.

The fiber optics for the bear claws

I’m really pleased with the fiber optics. It’s an LED light generator, and it’s a nice bright white.

My wonderful rotary type tools.

Look at that sanding disk! It’s been a wonderful tool.

Tonight’s the night that I’m casting the bear’s nose. A deep, dark purple that I’m going to paint over with stained glass paint, it’s lovely heat set enamel paint, dark blue. Here’s the nose in the kiln, second cast.

The nose ready for the kiln

Ready for the second cast in the kiln


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