Moving right along

Lots of glass

Lots of glass, four different textures, and this is only HALF of it!

Today was a running around day. I had to order my grout, I got the oak planking and the steel stock for the base. The top of the base is done, I just have to mark and drill where I’m putting the bolts that will fasten this to the base.

It’s a blonde oak, it will look good with the snowy grout and the textured white glass. I do have to go get some more varnish, though. I ran out and forgot to pick it up. Duh.

Speaking of grout! I ordered the grout today. It’s on back order, from 1-4 weeks wait.

Check the stuff out! That’s what the link is for, this Starglass grout. It has the texture of fresh powder.

It makes me think of Mt. Shasta at dawn. As the sun mounted in the sky, I was bathed in pale rose gold. The west face was virgin snow and beautiful. I was the first person down it that day, leaving a rippled trail in the snow. It was awesome! I miss snowboarding!

Tomorrow, I’ve got measuring to do, a run to storage to make (I need our welding hood and the filler rod), varnish to buy, and a trip to Airgas. I LOVE Airgas.

I need some tungsten rods for my Tig and to lease an argon bottle. I’m going to use the tig to weld up the framework for the oak base. I got some really nifty barrel hinges for the door for the base. They are these little round hinges that will go into a drilled hole. They are these cool little bullet hinges that won’t be seen.

Tomorrow I’ll get some pics. Today was just too busy! I’ll also get the pads for the feet marked, cut and drilled to mount the bear to the base. The base will be a steel framework which the oak planks will fit into, after they are stained and ready for mounting.

The lights will all be plugged into the light strips with surge protectors. This will ensure that the power outs we get in the Pacific Northwest won’t damage the illuminator for the fiber optics.




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