Everything needs a good foundation, right?

The interesting thing about these projects is the different skillsets involved just to make one polar bear!

I have to have carpentry skills, cabinetry skills, as well as welding skills, along with glass working skills and metal fabrication.

Today was spent picking up my oak planking (beautiful wood, I have to say!), the steel stock that I need for the frame of the base, and I got my grout ordered. That grout is fantastic; it’s going to look fabulous with the texture of fresh powder.

It makes me think of the days when I was still able to snowboard; that fresh powder and the sound of it as my snowboard cut the crust on the snow. This grout has this texture of that memory.


This stuff adds a whole new dimension to mosaics. I will be using this in other projects. It is some SPENDY stuff, I will say! The grout needed to be ordered now, because the stuff is on back order still! One to four weeks, they say. Which really works out.

I have to get the rest of the fiberglass second coat finished on the form, then off it comes! Then, I’ll get the door made as well as the bands of acrylic that go inside of the bear in order to put it together at his final destination.

I’ll need the door to be done before I start doing the armature for the lights. Some of that armature is going to be fiberglassed in place, when I put the belly bands on the bear.

The belly banding is going to be in acrylic, the thicker stuff, approximately 1/8″. The tabs will be affixed to the upper side, to line up with the holes in the lower side, then in go the acrylic screws. The hinges, the latches, the screws, all in acrylic. The idea is that there will be nothing to cast shadows on the inside. That light will shine through!

It’s been a long but productive day! Tomorrow is a fiberglass day, to finish that second coat, as well as a trip to storage. I have to get our welding hood and gloves out of our storage. I also have to check and see if my tungsten rods for my tig welder…

I am a happy girl; I have a nifty new Tig/stick welder that is on it’s way. As soon as it get’s here, it’s off to Airgas to rent an argon cylinder. I do love the tig! It’s such a pretty weld, when done right!

The steel gets pastel shades of iridescence when it’s been properly shielded by the argon during welding. Stainless gets positively pretty!

I’ll have pictures tomorrow. I have the top of the base ready to photograph, and I have to get some mild steel filler rod. Maybe I’ll go to Airgas tomorrow. 😉

I do have to get filler rod! It just breaks my heart to have to go buy new tools, cause I never leave Airgas with just one thing!!

Tonight is the second cast of the bear’s tongue. I  have a dark blue for the center of the tongue. I got a really good close-up at the zoo, and those tongues are lighter on the edges and dark in the center, so that necessitates the two castings.

I also will be casting some of the claws, whatever I can fit into my kiln! It’s a 16 hour, 48 minute cycle.




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