Bustin’ out the glass!!

I have to say that one of the best parts of a mosaic is the breaking of the glass! Today was the second day of glass prep. I have more to do tomorrow, but tomorrow will see the end of the glass prep.

It’s cathartic; one can just use the nippers and cutters to force that glass to submit to my will!!

Sorry, carried away again…

What I do, is to cut the glass into more manageable pieces, but there is a caveat. The glass has to be cut in the right direction to ensure that that wonderful texture that speaks of the fur won’t be lost. It could happen very easily. The glass that’s ridged is a challenge to work with, for sure!

Tomorrow sees the last of the glass, the really challenging stuff, the heavy ridged stuff. That is going to end the glass prep.

I have to finish the second coat on both halves of the bear, then cut it off of the form. After that, then rejoining and the final two coats.

sheets of glass

sheets of glass before breaking

I’ve got four different textures of glass for this project and I’ve found yet another textured grout that I must have. That will put the bear with five different glass textures. I also like that there will be no lines. This bear will glow softly white, all 12+ feet of it!

I just love the scale of this project! Fabulous!

That scale allows me to use the four different textures of glass that will better represent the bear. In that four textures, I have one that looks like the matted fur on the belly, under the arms and inside of the legs.

Glass for the bear

Piles of glass ready to go onto the bear

The other texture is slightly elevated and slightly ridged, the next is, for the majority of the bear, very ridged, very fur-like in that texture and the shape of the ridges.

Some of the lightly textured glass

Some of the lighter textured stuff

The more textured the glass, the more challenging it is to cut. I need it to cut to a certain size and shape to preserve that fur feel. With that in mind, the fourth texture is very deep, with high ridges to represent the deep furrows in the neck and under the ears. I want this bear to really represent the animal in all of it’s majesty, in glass.

OK, pics of the artist hard at creation! It’s totally true, art is a small part inspiration, large part perspiration.

The base is going to be cool. I haven’t yet decided whether I’m going to mosaic that as well. I’m rather leaning towards mosaic, with the blue of that glacial lake in the Yukon, right past White Horse. I’ve never seen a blue to equal it.

I had a dream the other night ( love those dreams, the brain’s way of sometimes delivering that epiphany we could really use to solve that problem), and in that dream, I saw the bear on a stand, standing up with ice blocks in mosaic as well, on the stand. They weren’t big, but they sure did give off the impression of an ice floe. A polar bear on an ice floe. I really do like that idea!

It’s in my head, I have to sit down and sketch it out. Then I’ll post it here.

cutting the glass sheets

Cutting into the sheet


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