Bear feet



Today I took photos of the acrylic pieces I’m using for connecting the base to the feet. I have to get my scrollsaw out; I’m going to use it cut the acrylic into the proper shapes. These will be fiberglassed into place with the third and fourth coats. That’s why today is the day for dealing with the acrylic foot shapes.

I have to get them cut, then I’ll get the measurements for the holes for the long bolts to hold it to the base. There is going to be a lot of weight being held up by these pieces; the glass weighs over 200 lbs.

That’s the reason for the light fiberglass form. I could’ve done this completely in acrylic but weight is a huge consideration. I’ll be putting wheels on the base, hidden, so that this fella can be moved for cleaning.

I spent yesterday cutting strips of three different sizes; some really big ones for the large areas on the torso, long strips for spiraling around the legs, to help with the strength requirements for the glass. Thus far, there’s 13 yards of fiberglass in the bear with more needed.

In fact, once these are applied to the top of the bear, it’s time for more fiberglass and resin. Thus far, this guy has used two gallons of water clear surfboard resin.

The stuff is great! Let it sit in the sun for awhile to cure. A wonderful part of that process, is that the pigment from the Sharpie fades, and it goes faster if it’s in the sun.

The lines are where the bear is going to be cut off of the form, then reassembled.

Once I get the form opened, I’ll be glassing in holders for the lighting armature. I’m also working on a spot below the tail to hold another acrylic rod to help with the weight of the glass.

This guy is going to Seattle, when it’s time, in a large truck.

Here’s some pics!


I’m waiting for the second coat to be completed. I need more resin!! Once that second coat is finished, I’ll be cutting it off of the form with a plunge saw. It is sheerly amazing the amount of resin this polar bear will take! He is pretty big, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise, yet it was. I figure, realistically, that two more gallons will finish the whole bear.



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