Bear claws and I do not mean the pastry kind… ;)

Putting the bear together will go pretty quick once I get the forms finished. While I’m waiting for the form to cure, I’m working on the lost wax for the claws to cast. I started out doing the claws in a mold, a bunch at once, but that just looked too manufactured, and that is not the look I’m shooting for!

So, I melted those claws down. I’m molding each claw in wax separately so that they have no manufactured look. This way each claw has an individual look, like the claw would look on the actual bear.

I’ve also had a change of heart about the grout. I found this grout, that is made of ground glass that is translucent. I gotta have it! It looks like powder snow, which fits my vision of Ursus Maritimus!

This way the whole bear will glow, instead of having dark lines. He’ll be a beacon of light, softly glowing. I saw that stuff and I knew I had to have it for this project! It’s called StarGlass. I LOVE this stuff!

Here are some pics of the wax forms for the claws. When I get the grout, which is on back order, that stuff is so cool.

Bear claws, lost wax forms

Wax forms for the lost wax process

The bear claw I use as the model

This is the claw used to model them all on.


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