And even MORE fiberglassing today!

The second coat of the fiberglass is on the top of the bear. Time to let it sit and cure. While that happens, I’ve got glass to cast! It’s been hot as can be, and I’ve decided that since it’s 16 hour, 48 minute program for the kiln, that this is an activity for the dark and cooler night to do the castings.

I’m happy with the wax casts of the claws; they are going to look dynamite with the side light fiber optic cable in the center. The jaws and the claws as well as the second cast of the tongue are all night time activities. They are going to be looking VERY cool!!

After the second coat is done, then off it comes from the form, in pieces which I’ll put back together with fiberglass. During that period, I’ll get the acrylic door framed in. Then we can mount the armature for the lights, install the lights, and then fasten the bear to the base.

Surprisingly the mosaic part goes pretty quickly. The majority of the time is spent on the form, the base and the electronics, getting ready to mosaic. 

While the fiberglass cures, I’ll get the glass cut up for the project. I’ll post pics tomorrow of the different types of glass. Thick, drapery glass for the spots where the fur furrows, in the neck and other areas. Another type of glass has a matted fur texture, and the other has a slightly raised texture between the two.

The door is going to be interesting. I plan on doing that door so that the mosaic will fit in a pattern, not in a straight line, I want that door to disappear.

This way one can get to the lights, as someday they will need to be changed. The GE long life bulbs are good for 60 years, so those will go in the torso and the head.

The eyes may or may not need their own points on the fiber optic network. The eyes are  tricky part. I can’t do those until I get all of the fiberglass on, all four coats, then I’ll be able to accurately mold and cast the eyes. They HAVE to fit just right.

Also, by doing each eye on it’s own, that gives a natural touch. Most mammals have little quirks, so the eyes being done for each one, gives that little natural touch.

* “So, Colleen, a glass bear is natural but the glass eyes aren’t?” “Yeah, in MY studio, they are! Artistic license!” She retorts.*


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