More fiberglassing today!

Today is the patching of the first coat day. I go back over where the tape spots are, cover them with more fiberglass so that the first coat is even all over before the second coat goes on. 

Once the rest of the second coat is done, then it’s the plunge saw, to cut the fiberglass off of the form. Then the third coat will be applied after, to put the form back together. At that point, I’ll put the form back together with another coat of fiberglass, the third, and then a fourth to add strength to the form.

The plan is to build the base, attach the form and the armature for the lights. The bear is going to have a band around the belly, on the inside, of acrylic. That band then will allow the tabs on the top part of the bear to be bolted to the bottom, through a door in the bear’s back. 

I’ll be framing it in, just like a house. No pics today, but I’ll post the pics during the process. I love to see the process, myself. 🙂


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