Creating can be such hard work!

One paw's worth of claws.

One paw’s worth of claws. These will look awesome with the side light fiber optic cable.

Sanding the rear

This was quite a job. I had to prop it on stuff to get it to hold still for sanding.

Mold of one side of the nose

Mold of one side of the nose, this will be cast in dark purply black glass.

The images on the blog have positioned themselves, with no regard for what I want. I can change the size, I can put in text for the caption, but move these to where I want them to go?

Nope. Not happening.

So I apologize for the disorder of the order of my images, so let me clarify a bit.

Pink hoodie is yesterday’s hoodie, green sweatshirt is today’s uniform for fun!

Here are some of the molds for the claws and the teeth, as well as the nose. Don’t look like much, do they?

This is half of the nose mold. Both were done with the lost wax method. I have a double oven in my kitchen, one of them being a convection oven,  so I did the burn out of the investment in my convection oven. It worked fabulously!

The last couple of days has been pretty busy! I had quite a bit to do on the sanding part of this project.

Colleen, sanding away on the arm
Colleen, sanding away on the arm of the bear

The blue is painter’s tape, marking thin spots that I have to cover before putting on the second coat. It’s also marking missed spots, which is pretty easy to have happen. By a certain point, my eyes get lost when the fiberglass gets clear.

I spent the last two days sanding on the first coat of the polar bear’s fiberglass. I have the top and bottom apart for this. It’s easier to do this in two pieces. I’ll be installing the acrylic parts on the inside in order to mount the tabs that will screw with acrylic screws, to put the bear together into one piece when it’s time for installation. Installation of this piece is going to be an interesting proposition. It’s going to be heavy. I’m going to need a crew to put it together.

More sanding.

More sanding, day two.

I have to make a trip to Seattle soon to see the space this is going to call home. I need to see how high it is in order to do the base.

The base is going to house the electrical supplies for the lights, as well as provide a stable footing for the heavy  piece. There’s a lot of weight in this in glass.

Before I start putting on the art mosaic glass, I’ll be doing a fourth coat of fiberglass to ensure that the form is strong enough to hold the glass. I LOVE the way the fiberglass allows one to get detail, and creates a strong substrate for the glass and the grout to  adhere to.

Well, more pics in a day or two!



Somewhere in this willy nilly photo stream is the tongue in the kiln, after the first firing. Next is another firing with the dark purple that I’ll be using in both the claws and the tongue, as well as the dark gums of the jaw set.

The teeth will be an off-white, to reflect the way they are in nature; I say bless that crazy fool that got close enough to photograph the jaws and post ’em on the internet! Cause I won’t do that. I’m willing to go to the zoo, and I did. But actually go out there and annoy the polar bear in his domain? No, thanks.


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