I’m back, with an EPIC mosaic to do!!

Check this guy out! I got a commission to do a life size, in the round, illuminated glass polar bear. Is he not EPIC??? Yes, I  could have used italics, but those just don’t capture the size of the beast! Ursus Maritimus. 

He is, at the moment, curing from his first coat of fiberglass, on his upper torso. Next, after I finish burning out investments for the glass casts, is the first coat on the bottom. 

Thankfully, all of this is made easy by some chemical magic; for reasons I know not,Sharpie permanent marker fades completely out of the resin after the cure time is over. 

This makes the job so much easier for me! I am a fan of the creed, “work smarter, not harder”, so that is a wonderful bit of chemical magic!

Even the black fades, but the red fades much faster!

Right now, I’m casting the bear’s tongue. I’ve got to do it in a couple of firings; I want that tongue to be lighter on the edges, and darker in the middle, like the actual tongue of the bear. 

As seen as up close as I want to get, a large yawning mouth full of very sharp teeth at the Portland city zoo! 

You know you have a great line o’ work when you go to the zoo for research. Necessary research, I might add, therefore, making the trip tax deductible…

The grey is oil clay, the stuff that doesn’t harden. The foam form has no ears, those I had to sculpt separately. I also put in the muscles of the face, as the form was missing those, but they are easier to put in at this point, for my short self. 

Is that bear not huge??? That is my ’94 Isuzu Trooper LS. So it’s not a short SUV. No little crossover, here! This bear makes my SUV look small, doesn’t it? It also kills dead, any plans I may have had in my subconscious about going to check out the polar bears…

I’d be fast food. A little fatty, but isn’t that what a bear wants?




If you look below this text, there are the pics of the investments. Mold making is fun stuff, I have to say!

The molds you see are the molds for the tongue, which is in half, because it will have side light fiber optics in the center. That’s pretty much the plan for the claws, the eyes, the tongue and the teeth; side-light fiber optics to light them up. 

I’ve found some lights that I had no idea where available! 360 degree LED’s that are bright! I’ll put those in the arms and the legs,  with the GE 50 year bulbs in the body and the head. 

This bear is going to glow! He’ll be a soft white, with brown eyes that also have light behind them. I may not have to light them, the light from the bulb in the head may very well be enough. 


This is the wax claws, in the mold material, before burn-out. One tray holds one paw’s worth of claws.  

ImageHere they are after burn-out. These are going to be some wicked claws! I’m going to use my Dremel to carve out the channels for the side light fiber optic core. The glass for the claws is going to be a combo of brown and purple, possibly with some red for around the channel. 

I’ve got all of the other pieces invested and all but the last three paws worth of claws done. Today is the day for the molding of the rest of the claws. Three more paws worth to go!



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