2013 is looking up!

Well, this year is thus far becoming a better one, on the art front. 

Pele and Gaia both sold, and I’ve gotten a commission.

For a life sized, illuminated, in the round, glass mosaic polar bear! It’s going to be a great piece!

It’s going to be a standing bear, on an oak pedestal. I’m going to cast the bear’s ears, eyes, claws and mouth set in glass. I want to put fiber optics in the claws. 

It’s going to be EPIC!! The kind of art project minstrels would make songs about ( if there still were minstrels making songs, of course)! OK, so maybe minstrels never did make songs about art projects, but they SHOULD have…

I’m figuring that it should reach about 10 feet tall, with the pedestal. 

I am REALLY looking forward to this. It should be a fabulous challenge. It’s going to be great! I also hope this leads to more commissions, with more animals. I would love to do a whale! 

This bear has been a great research project. It has also brought the plight of the polar bear to the forefront of my mind. I hope that with this project, I can get the spirit of the animal across, the magnificence of the ice predator. I want to get others to think; to look at the things that we humans have been doing that are affecting the rest of the life that shares this planet with us. 

I think that we humans may find that we can also go the way of the polar bear. I hope that as the bear looks down at the viewer, the viewer will identify with the bear and be saddened, be touched and perhaps, want to do something about it. 

And that is the job of an artist. To provoke thought, to elicit emotions that sometimes are not comfortable to deal with. 



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