Finally feeling human again…

Holy cow! I have had the nastiest summer cold for the last few days. I’ve spent most of them in bed. Except when I was working on my mosaic head!

Now that’s coming along. There’s been a couple of bumps, but it’s not art if it comes too easy, right? I’ve had to add glass in a couple of spots that were too large, and I’ve had to redo a whole row, but it’s almost done.

Copper clad base

Copper cladding on the base

I got the copper on the base yesterday, as well as the new row added to the bottom of the head. The copper looks great! Now I have to paint it, then I’ll spray varnish it. It will be ready for Gear Con! It WILL! I have bees and some honeycomb on the copper to paint. I use Gamblin’s Neomegilp; it gives the paint an enamel like finish and dries pretty quickly. I’m a fan of Neomegilp; it not only has that jewel like quality when painting on copper, but it makes the paint handle with a lush, silky feel.

I’m so close to done, I can’t post pics of the head. It’ll ruin the final shots. But sick or not, this piece just would not let me be. I like the results, I have to say. It was worth the misery (snort…misery… I was so distracted that I got cramps in my hands because I forgot to take a break) to work on it in the throes of a summer cold. I’ve never had a summer cold before. I’ll pass, if ever given the choice again.

This is the first time I’ve done a head in mosaic, and I will say, it was quite the challenge! Particularly the lips and eyes. It was a challenge to use the carborundum stone, as well. Today I’m going to use the Dremel on a flexible shaft to get to the small spots in the lips and eyes. Today I’m putting the final mortar coats on, as well. After 24 hours, I can wash it and them seal it with grout sealer. The grout is very light so it has to be sealed before I can touch it without gloves.

It has a lot of tiny pieces of glass, thank science for itty bitty tweezers! I needed them for much of this piece. I like the glass, it’s a milky white that changes color from white to pink to green depending upon the angle of viewing. It makes me think of the life in raw milk, that controversial substance.

Raw milk is good for us, but if not from grass fed cows or from unhygienic conditions, a life giving substance can become a life taker. Good for us all to remember; it’s not just the substance, but the conditions that we handle it in that can make a benign substance turn evil.

Raw milk is rich, it is full of microbes that in the grass fed, clean cow, help us to overcome asthma and allergies. In my view, love is like that. Rich and full of good things when it’s based on the right things.

Honey is sweet and for centuries, was the main human contact with sweets. Honey is full of good things, antifungals, antibiotics, and lots of other good nutrients. Both of these things, like love, nourish us both figuratively and literally.


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