Milk and Honey

I finished putting the glass on the head, now I just need to let it cure, then on goes the mortar. I’m going to try using different colored mortars for different areas. For the honeycomb I’m going to use a grey mortar for the outline, then light colored for the inside. I have a really nice light mortar for the “milk” areas.

Next is to get the bottom of the piece covered in felt. I have black felt ready for that purpose.

I’m going to use Velcro to hold the battery pack into place underneath, inside the acacia wood bowl. Today I’ll be getting my scribes out and starting the embossing on the copper for the band. At least that’s the plan; if I can do that today, I’ll be a happy little artist!

I have learned that one day of art means two days of pain afterwards. As the mess in my neck gets worse, the sacrifice to make art gets to be dearer. The pain lets me know about my priorities. My art is right up there in the top two.  OK, it’s number one. I can’t imagine not being able to do my work. I really can’t.

It is such a part of me, like my fingers and toes. It wakes me up; and that also has it’s problems. There was a community meeting for our park last night. I found myself feeling the need, as the talk went on, to have to point out to the community that I have chronic pain issues that sometimes have me up all night, so please, do not call the cops to tell them that I am a druggie. The other woman who suffers like I do also spoke up. There are those that view lights on at 3:00 am as evidence of drug activity. Yeesh.

After the embossing, I’ll be attaching the copper band pieces with tiny brass screws. Besides the lettering, I’m putting bees on the band. Will post the results!!


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