Work in Progress

Today’s missive is about work in progress; art work in particular. I’ll probably digress; it happens, I’m good at it, and I don’t see that behavior changing anytime soon.

Today is finishing the Milk and Honey mosaic, then I’ll be working on the base, with embossed copper. There is a phrase that will run around the base, “Rich as milk; Sweet as honey; Love nourishes body and soul”. The embossing is pretty easy, it just takes time, but it sure is worth the effort, in my view.

WIP images are important I think, for the sake of documenting a process. I think it’s important so that I can return to something, if I need to. Often times images are more informative than text.

So, (drum roll please!) here are the WIP images for Milk and Honey…


The images in the top show the mannequin head I used for this project. It’s working out wonderfully! The progress is over the last month. I’m pretty sure I’ll be finished in a couple of days.

The upper images photographed better, I’m not sure why there is a pinkish cast to the lower two. Dunno. I will try to figure it out, because THAT does not work!


The base of this used to be an acacia wood chip n dip bowl, but I think it looks sooo much better as a base for art. I need to sit down, once the head is done, and rub some mineral oil into the wood. That will “warm” the wood up, make the base nicer. Plus, it helps to preserve the wood. I want this project to last for a very loooooong time!


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