Me and my grandfather, Forrest

My grandfather and I at a El Capitan beach on   the central California coast.

As a person, an individual and an artist, I believe that we are all a sum of our experiences past, future and present. We anticipate what is to come, as we use the experiences of the past in our structuring of that anticipation.

Who we are is influenced by those who we grew up with, that being not just parents, but other relatives as well as our childhood friends.

My biggest influence, hands down, was my grandfather. Second to him were my not so great parents. All I have to say about them is that they were the model for me of what not to do and how to not do it. If they did it, I didn’t. End of them.

My granddad, on the other hand, meant everything to me. As far as I can remember, my granddad was the rock of my world. Forrest Ward Lundin, a complex man. An intelligent man; a haunted man.

He served in two conflicts; WWII and the Korean war. He lost his hearing in one ear, and he lost a whole lot more. The things he saw in WWII stayed with him. Those things never left him. He drank, and I think that it started as a way to cope with the unbearable.

He taught me about going on when the going got tough; to go one with grace, without bitterness.

Those lessons have served me well in my life. Now that things have gotten tough, physically as well as financially, these lessons have come to do me well. These lessons have helped me to persevere in my art, in my education and in my life.


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