Experiments in natural dyes. And getting serious about this blog thing…

Now that the summer is here, and I have time, it’s time to get serious about this blogging! I keep promising myself I’m going to do that, yet here it is months later since I set this up, and now’s my second post.

I’m moving over from Google’s blogspot, I find that I like the format of WordPress better.

So onto other stuff….
Today is a day for experimentation. The Green Man is almost done, on the mosaic, just some clean up needed.
What’s left is the felting of the leaves for the back of the statue, with natural wool. The thing is, I want the dye to be natural, too. That’s where the experimentation comes in. I went out with the husband and picked a bunch of horsetail weed. It’s an invasive species in my area, so no one objects to someone ripping it up wholesale on the side of the road.
I’ve got out my galvanized steel tamale pot, it holds 8 dozen tamales, of good size, full of horsetail, vinegar to set the color (that’s what Google came up with) and a bunch of wool that I am hoping to dye green.
Next to that is a pot full of salt, raspberries and wool in order to (hopefully) dye some wool pink for the edges of the soon to be felted leaves. Everyone is simmering, 30 min for the horsetail, 60 min for the raspberries. Here I am using the time to catch up and get serious about this blog thing.

Here’s an image of the Green Man so far. One has to scroll down for the front view; I haven’t yet figured out how to get them side by side.

The Green Man, side view, illuminated art glass mosaic

A side view of the Green Man, a hanging illuminated mosaic.

Illuminated mosaic of the Green Man in art glass

The Green Man, illuminated art glass mosaic. This piece pays homage to the Green Man, a male force in nature, in the British Isles.


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