WIP- The Alien Brain Project

At least that’s how I see the thing. It started as a mistake, my ill fated first attempt at hollow form resin casting, but I sure got a great looking alien brain kinda thing out of it! I LOVE the thing, really. It has these great textures, that were great before, but DYNAMITE when lit from below with some of those itty bitty blue LED lights. They are just fantastic!
As my use of my hands gets worse, the art that I can make has had to change. This is a a part of that change. This is what the alien brain is looking like now. It has quite a bit of work to finish it up, I haven’t even started on the base!
More of the 3P will be in the base. Thus far, it’s been an integral part of the piece. I couldn’t have done this piece without it.
The husband is a trooper! He held the thing for me, so I could apply the wax and use the heat gun. He follows directions with flawless precision, too. No major explanations needed! More work on this to happen this afternoon!


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