Not so very nice people out there!

Well, I AM important! How do I know this? Because I have 
the law firm of Perkins Coie, from Seattle trolling my site, 
looking for ways to sue me, on behalf of a person that I don’t 
like, for good reason. 

Why don’t I like this person? Due to what I perceive to be bad behavior

 towards the disabled, this high falutin’ law firm, in my legally allowed opinion, 

 is out to make sure I do not use those  pesky First Amendment rights.

 How do I know I am in their sights? Well, I have a statistics counter that

 records IP addresses. And boy, did theyvisited my blog!! I think they are 

stalking me.  I have that visit on record, to show any 

interested party that would like to see it. Just email me from my contact link

 on my site. 

So, my question is this? What is this law firm, and this woman, that in 

MY OPINION, destroyed a gallery for no good reason is this: Why are you afraid of me?

 Because you are,  and now I know it. 

Your client has made a PR error, William, old son. Blame her, don’t try to demolish the 

Constitution any  further. Why is the truth of the situation frightening to you? Hmn….

I do wonder about that! 

Also, she IS a public figure, therefore, artists ( I used that word again, teehee) do 

have a right to make works about her. I believe that has been settled. I’m not too 

worried. I’m filing bankruptcy,I have no assets, so bummer for her attorney, Rava!

They applied a scorched earth policy, in my opinion,  towards an autistic

 man and his partner. I’m sure that she and her pro bono minion

are salivating to destroy me, too. “They” including  this woman that I believe to

 have done  harm with vindictive intent. They fined  them $250 daily because 

they could not afford to move fast enough. One might think that some slack

 could be cut, ( it IS the holiday season)  and these poor guys have zip for assets, 

so I believe the entire point was to destroy and shut down a perceived competitor, 

which they were  not. She says she helps kids, they were helping adults. 

She had a poshy attorney  to help her,  (I do wonder who paid the filing fees, 

the couriers, as well as the process servers…hmn…I wonder…), they did not.

 She is tax exempt, they are not. 

And now look at that! *wink and a grin* 

I have this tony law firm, and William Rava, Esq.(he IS her attorney of record)

  and his frightened pro bono client that calls donors “customers”( that is in

 the legal paperwork served on the guys)  looking to take me down!

 Once again, art  (yes, I used that verboten word!) is under attack, with 

artists being targeted, as well, in my opinion. One thing about this action that I 

 find disturbing is the lack of compassion, what I see ( that means opinion, gotta 

keep this straight for the edification of M. Rava)  as a heartless (yes, I used that

 forbidden word, too) attitude that was displayed towards these men, who

 made no profit, they were still operating in the red. So why?

Simple. It was all about the Benjies, in my opinion. Why are they looking to attack me?

 In my case, I  posit(that means opinion, a guess, in case that word wasn’t encountered 

in prelaw)  that it’s twofold:

fear, and those Benjies…


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