Art and Urgency

I am really feeling the crush these days. My hands are half numb, and I have soooo many projects to do!!
My wonderful soulmate, that man is the very best art supply that I could have. He stretches canvas. He makes frames for my work. He tirelessly and painstakingly supports me with all that he can.
He’s built me an 8′ easel. It is huge and will hold a canvas/panel up to 12′ x 12′.
You should see the neighbors faces when we broke that out! They couldn’t decide what was going on. I’m sure I saw a couple of the older Latinas cross themselves.
I’ve got one project that is getting finished tomorrow. Maybe tonight. Depends on how I feel. I feel, these days, that I haven’t much time, and I have art projects beating on the doors of my mind. Each one is selfish and sure that it is more important than the other thoughts beating at the mind’s door.
Sometimes, these images make it very difficult to sleep.
When that happens, it’s best to just get up, and do what I have to to get that image happy enough to let me go back to bed.
I know that these are my thoughts, my ideas and my concepts, but many times, it feels as they have a life and a mind, of their own.
I’m just the messenger, sometimes. ;]


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