The travelling Artist

I had a great trip to Louisiana! LSU is a lovely campus; I think I’m going to do my Master’s there. I also think that this little artist is probably going to move there.
The people were wonderful, the food was delish, and I have to say, I felt like it was home!
The lecture I gave went over well; all of the students as well as the profs, were engaged and asked plenty of questions!! It ran over time, and had to be cut short. I consider that a triumph, as well as the students that asked questions afterwards.
Baton Rouge is absolutely beautiful. I think that Louisiana as a whole, is just gorgeous. I’m hooked!
I think that most interesting part was how many of these people looked like me, prominent cheekbones, squarish face, curly dark hair and many with light eyes. I had an old woman welcome me home. She said she could see Louisiana in my face. I could see Louisiana all around me on the faces of the people.


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