New Projects

I’ve been working on a new series of mosaics. They are going to be heads, but I want them to be clear, so I’m not limited on the art glass that I can use.

I need ’em hollow so I can mount the LED’s. Therefore, that sexy beast I married is going to build me a rotational resin casting machine. I love that man!!

An hour in front of YouTube and he’s got it. He hasn’t failed me yet! That man can take a video, get the idea, and figure out an improvement whilst assembling the materials! I am one lucky cookie.

Futhermore, he works for love, affection and chocolate. No problem, I can supply all of those needs. *grin*

The first step was finding the proper form for the liquid latex rubber mold material. Then I used a paper mache-plaster mix to make the rigid form to set the latex mold in.
Then, with that completed, both halves of the mold were put together, with an inside overlap of latex rubber. Since these are going to be covered with art glass, a seam is not an issue. But I think that I’m going to be doing a few cast resin body casts. I have some visions that have come to me…

So, tomorrow, it’s the materials for the rotational caster.
Then it’s the cast. Will post pics tomorrow of what I have now.

I did have a happy accident, though. My first thought for the rigid mold was an air dry clay. Well, I put too much water in it. It cracked on the form, but in such fantastic ways!!
Now that has become a project. It’s looking pretty cool. Tomorrow is going to be busy. I also have to make some more encaustic medium in order to finish that project!
It’s going to be a mixed media piece. I’ve gotten wax. some fantastic art paper from I don’t remember where, but I’m thinking Japan, encaustic, and I’m thinking some photo transfer.

Also, I have to report on my trip to LSU. But that deserves a whole new post of it’s own, cause I have some fantastic stuff to share!!

The top is the inside with Gamblin’s traditional gesso, and the bottom is the head covered in that lovely paper afixed to the head with PVA size. I have to take more images, but the cracks are sutured with copper. At least as suture like as one can get that copper wire to go!


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