Busy busy day…

Art and life can sometimes be a difficult mix. Two of my grandsons have been visiting, with Oliver, the granddog. Oliver is a Cocker, on a natural wire. That dog can bounce in a way that would outdo Tigger and is close to Superman’s single bounds! That dog can clear an art table in no time flat. Glass went everywhere, and I do mean everywhere.

I’m finishing up Mother Earth, and didn’t have the glass from her put away yet. I have the Green Man to finish, so I also had that glass up there.
I know better; this was a case of magical thinking on my part. I forgot that this dog can levitate. I think he uses the floppy ears to helicopter up there…
Just to be safe, I put away the gesso mix with the rabbit skin glue. I keep having this disturbing image of acid free dog poo, colored titanium white, all over the yard…and the deck… oh, yeah, can’t forget the laundry room….
It’s a damned good thing that dog is cute, otherwise he might become a set of slippers…

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