Mother Earth

Here She is, my latest creation, the Ojibwa creation story. Mother Earth, her body is all of water; Muskrat sacrifices himself to get the mud from the bottom of the waters, to put on Turtle’s back, to make a home for us.

Four birds are sent out with sacred seeds to populate the land.
I have Ojibwa DNA. Both of my biological children have Native dentition. I just wish I knew more about our heritage. I don’t mean the dry stuff that one finds in books, but the day to day stuff; like the little daily rituals that make up our lives. What we eat for breakfast, what we do as during the day, these things are clear to me as an averaged American.
What these things are in Ojibwa culture is a mystery to me.
With what I have been able to find on my own, this is the story that seemed to reoccur over and over, so I take this one to be the closest to the original as my meager understanding of the story. It’s shortened in my explanation; it’s much more beautiful in the writings that I have seen.

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