Tomorrow is a wonderful day!!

Starting tomorrow, I get 10 full days to myself to do art. I have two mosaics to finish, an oil on the easel, and an encaustic piece percolating around in my head; not to mention the sweet little oxy actylene mini torch and tanks I’m going to go get….
Fire and glass, wax and steel, I have SUCH ideas spinning in my head.
In a way, it’s full circle. Welding is what led me to art, and now art takes me back to welding.
I feel such a sense of urgency; my hands are slightly numb, my biceps and my triceps are weak and getting weaker. They echo the weakness in my legs and the spikes that seem to be in the balls of both of my feet.
The more it hurts, the more art I feel the need to do.
So tomorrow, I’m off to go buy my sweet little mini-torch, fill my tanks and set up my space. Glass and carbon steel, I want to create dragons and dragonflies; abstract towers made of dark, rusted steel and luminescent glass, lit from within…
I have so many creations that I want to do, and so little time to do them in, I feel. It scares me, actually. Life is just too short! There is so much to learn, so much to create, so many boundaries to push and unexplored concepts to examine!
I’ll post progress pics!


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