This is another view of the crucified woman; you can see the process around the image. This one is also a political statement, so I think that I see a series coming on. These are going to be gritty, pain filled, and stark. These are my statements on the current political climate, which is no different in many ways, than all of the millenia women have been crucified for various things.

Women have been oppressed and in this supposedly modern and more civilized age, it still goes on. Since the Tea Party take over of the House of Representatives, there have been 900+ bills introduced that are anti-woman, as well as anti-social.
Antisocial behavior on an unbelievably long term scale, throughout history. There is no nation on the planet that does not oppress women, and the US has regressed significantly in this regard.
We see it in the news, rape and murder of women; we see in polls that the majority of men feel that rape is alright as long as they can get away with it.
There is the human trade, alive and well in the US. There is the denigrating ways that women are referred to, even by other women.
It is my hope that this image, this series, which I know will inspire anger, will also inspire thought.

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