New Study

OK, this is not going to win me any friends, but this image has come to me, and it will not go away. It is my belief that as an artist, part of my job description is to point out inequities, and sometimes, one has to be shocking to get the point across.

This new image, I haven’t decided yet what it will be in, I’m thinking encaustic, but it is a political statement; a statement about the current political trend to take away hard won rights for women by the GOP, here in the USA.
These people are bad people. What used to be a hidden war against women and those who are not white and Christian, is now out in the open. From the move to restrict voting rights, to the mean spirited war on women and reproductive health, this party of greedy overpriced politicians has made it clear that they consider human life to be worth less than snail snot, and women, children and brown people to be the bottom o’ the barrel.
This piece is going to be my response to this trend.
Good thing I’m not worried about popularity, cause this image is not going to win any popularity contests…

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