This is going to be my next encaustic nude, I think. I’m tired of seeing these idealized images that really have nothing in common with real women. I see these women not just in commercials, but in every magazine, and on every billboard.

These images, I believe are porn inspired. As time goes on, I had hoped that women would be freed of the madonna/whore dichotomy, but that has not happened.

Instead, I see younger and younger girls trying to compete for male attention. If only they knew; men will take pretty much what we give them. If we women quit buying into the porn nonsense, then men will get over these unrealistic expectations of a wasp waist and ridiculously large boobs. Yup. I called ’em boobs.

We women have to take some responsibility for the current issues. With that in mind, the rest of my women will be real. Real with breasts that have suckled children, and hips that have some curve. Women are supposed to have healthy curves. Not sticklike bodies, not mounds of fat, but bodies that are healthy and that do what we need them to do; to live a good life full of love and explorations. To create, whether that creation is in the studio, the computer room or the kitchen, that is what our bodies are for. To take us to the places where we want to be!

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