Art is My OCD

I just recently did an exercise in class. In this exercise, we discussed ourselves and our feelings about art. Why we do it, and why we feel the way that we do about art.
For me, I have to create. There is no giving it up.
Everything I see has another purpose in my eyes. As my condition is getting worse, I’m getting ever more creative; how’s that for irony?


2 responses to “Art is My OCD

  1. Your work and your words are always interesting. I've followed for quite a while–my icon disappeared last month due to my blog's dying for a day, but I'm still here.

    I ruptured a cervical disk 20+ years ago. The only time I forgot the pain was when I was sculpting. Surgery was necessary; my right arm is not as good as it was–but it's good enough. You'll find a way.

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