Glass, goddesses and blood

All of these goddesses are bloodthirsty, but this one is the most by far! I’ve started on Pele; she looks just wonderful so far. Pele and Inanna are off to a gallery in Astoria next weekend. They are looking forward to having her, and I’m looking forward to my girls being seen.
Art, for me, is not dependent upon sales, for my self definition of an artist, but they do help to create new art.
Art, for me, is that drive, that need, that compelling drive to create that drives all real artists. That is the real artist, the one that creates regardless, no matter what.
I know that art, for me, means pain. Not just the pain of the glass, but the pain of the cuts, and the pain of the hands as they slowly work the glass nippers. I like shattering the glass; it not only looks nicer but it gives the piece a more artistic look, in my view. I like the randomness of the pieces, I like the way that they become a puzzle. It’s the process of moving the puzzle from my head, to the piece that is the challenge. Another reason that art is wonderful. That pushing of envelopes, crossing boundaries and stepping over lines, with materials, concepts and ourselves, that is the largest part of art, I think.
So, now I get to back away from the computer, and go work on a very demanding goddess before I sleep! WIP pics will be posted ASAP.


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