Art is part of who we are

As human beings, we are in possession of one of the greatest natural wonders there is, the human brain.
This magnificent piece of organic machinery, it has taken us from the African savannah to the skyscrapers of today.
It has also taken us from our earthbound existence to the moon, and we hope to go beyond.
All of this progress, the accomplishments of our species, are the direct result of this wonderful brain!
This brain allows us to see the creatures in the clouds, and to see the horse in the marble, the image in the canvas; to allow us to bring what we perceive in our heads from our minds to our chosen medium.
Each one of us may look at the same thing, but each one of us will see that object differently. As artists, it’s part of our job description to try to express ourselves, in our chosen mediums. I believe that what makes an artist is not sales, it is not some sort of popular recognition; it is the need to create, no matter what!
It is the need to put that image down, to free the horse from the marble, to write that novel, or to compose that musical piece, all of that is part of the human condition. Part and parcel of being an artist is that overwhelming need to create.


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