Christmas and the Holidays

I love this time of year, I really do. My Pagan self loves the Christmas tree. I love the way the ornaments sparkle, and the way the lights glimmer in the dark. I remember when my kids where small, and they used to like to sleep out in the living room with the tree, and truthfully, if I hadn’t been a grown up authority figure with an image to maintain, Mom the Almighty, then I’da been out there with them!
It’s not hard to remember that the Christmas tree is originally a Pagan symbol of everlasting life, when I look at the sparkling lights of the tree.
I LOVE this time of year!
What do we, as people, think of this time of year, and the next question I have is this; why can’t we have a spirit of giving every day?
Why can’t we, as people, look at our fellow human beings, and see them as human, for more than just this one day, for more than just this season?


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