Coming Together

This is really going to be fun!
The space is a bit out of the way, about 50 ft, but I’ve got that solved! I have a loud and proud cross dressing man friend, and he is going to go all out to help send the people our way.
Now, on to find a female exhibitionist, for my live, life drawing. I got the OK for wine tasting, and we are going to bring crackers, dip and cheeses. Gotta love Cash ‘n’ Carry!
This is going to be a real blast!
Kathy Conrad’s Pin up Girls, Larry Iverson’s erotic photography, and my encaustic and oil nudes! This is going to be a fun night.
Magnus was a great guy; he gets the artist! Not many do, really. Most just look at us like an exotic species of bug, that hopefully won’t land on them, lol!!
Magnus loaned us sandwich boards, and had lots of helpful advice.
I’ll report more when I have it to report. I have stuff to plan, and work to finish!


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