My Favorite Parasite, Kevin Mannix

is at it again. This guy is scum. He lives off of his attempts to pass draconian legislation designed to increase the prison system. It’s my opinion that this guy very well could be a Haliburton troll.
One of his worst pieces of legislation is called Measure 11. The premise of this ill thought out law is that children over the age of 15 have fully developed brains and are capable of making adult decisions. This is not the case.
Teen brains are not capable of making adult decisions. Even the insurance industry recognizes this. Unfortunately, Conservatives tend to have a bumper sticker mentality.

They tend to want quick fixes that don’t involve much thought. I point to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement as prime examples.
Teen age brains do not use the dorsal prelateral frontal cortex in decision making.
This area of the brain does not fully develop until the mid 20’s.
One other thing to watch for, the Parasite has petitions out, and he is trying to use fear and shame to force people to sign this cursed petition. I know. One of his petition signers tried it with me.

In my view, mandatory minimums are Conservative tools to get votes. They are also a traitorous subversion of the United States justice system.
Our system is meant to be case by case, not a draconian medieval system.
I would give a years pay to see Kevin Mannix hoisted on his own legislation, and I’d bet that a microscopic examination of Mannix would show that he’s no different that the rest of the corrupt and tainted GOP.
I’m all for disbanding both parties. They are killing us. And The Parasite, well, he’s out to do his part to reduce Oregon to a bankrupt and failed state.


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