Time Crunch

I’m starting to hear the clock ticking. My hands are starting to give out, and I have so much art to create!!!!
The worst thing about losing the function is not what people think. The worst part is my art. I’ll be losing my ability to create artwork.
I hear the question, isn’t there a surgery that can be performed? Yes, there is. But, it should have been done three years ago, so now it’s reached a point where it’s a life threatening operation. If I had insurance to do an operation.
I’m saddened that the health and welfare of the American people means absolutely nothing to either one of the political parties. It also reinforces my thought, and the thoughts of quite a few others that I know, that the day of political parties is over. What we have is a decomposing corpse in Congress. The rot is killing our nation. Our politicians have forgotten that a nation’s greatest asset is not the corporations that own our Supreme Court. The nation’s greatest asset is it’s people.
Without them, there is no nation.
We artists tend to be the ones that point out inequities in our society and our world. We artists have an obligation to continue to point them out. The fourth estate has betrayed us, presenting us with stories about celebrity bad behavior, when what should have been reported, was what was going on in Congress.
It’s up to us, because our politicians don’t care, the middle class is too fearful to care, and the lower class doesn’t have the resources to care.


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