I don’t know what I caught, but I’d sure like to take it back! I have the sniffles and the sneezes and this is just not conducive to art work! I’m looking at my Angry Chair. It sits on the easel, oozing irritation, and I know part of that is at me, cause it’s still sitting on the easel…
I’m having a bad arm day, and these are getting to be more frequent as time goes on.
The doctor told me that the loss of the use of my arms, in particular my left, is in my future. I’m ambidexterous, so it’s not that I couldn’t rally back from the loss of one, but both?!
Damn. That chair on the easel isn’t the only angry thing around here. I’m just ever so better at hiding it behind the well trained feminine facade. We women of a certain age learned that face real early on.
As I’ve gotten older, that facade has gotten some cracks; I did a series on that. I have to get the panels cut for a new series on pain. Real grit your teeth and break-0ut-in-a-cold sweat kinda pain. I’ve been experiencing that a lot lately, too.
That kinda pain can take a woman’s facade and twist it up in no time flat! It exposes every character flaw, every petty trait, and if a person is smart, then it’s an opportunity to do something about those very unpleasant things. There has to be a silver lining, so to speak, into every bad situation. If I didn’t have that outlook, humour, and not least of all art, I’d probably just go postal.
Hurray for art!


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