Summer is almost gone, Sigh…

I’m sitting here at the computer looking out at the grey, wet day and I’m missing summer already.

The maple trees down by the local Fred Meyer’s are turning from green to gold and red. Nice. I don’t like the coldness of Fall, but I do love the colors!

Now’s my real productive time. Here in Oregon, Fall and Winter are very wet and muddy, so we Oregonians pretty much just suck it up and get on with life.

I’ve just moved into a new place and as soon as I’m done unpacking, I actually now have a studio of my own instead of a corner of a tiny living room. Yippeeeeeee!!!!

It’s not the greatest space, but it’s a space dedicated to the creation of art.

I’ll be really happy to be done with this unpacking. I haven’t been able to do any art and it’s making me want to chew nails! I don’t smoke, I don’t really drink, my addiction is the creation of art, so doing without is really making me a crabby individual.

I have two different series that I’m in the middle of; moving has really put a crimp into my addiction. ARGHHH!!!

This is my segue into talk about those series…

I’m doing another goddess, Inanna, as I’ve posted before, that’s coming along nicely. I found this glass that looks watery. My plan is for that glass to be dark when the lights are on, so that the flowers and the branches of Inanna’s symbol and the Tree of Life stand out. We’ve finally gotten to my statue, now I have to find the glass and the glue.

The second project is another chair. This one is the Angry Chair. It’s on paper waiting to go onto the prepared birch panel. I’m doing it in oils. That’s the pic of the red chair up top. I’m going to get it started as soon as I get all of these dratted boxes put away. If it wasn’t for my husband and the help of my youngest son’s best friend, Hobo, I’d have melted down into a quivering pile of pigmented jelly by now!

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