Forum Review, Craig’s List

Now this forum is not for the faint of heart! This forum is a mixture of information, art work, and troll activity.
I’ve seen what could have been some fascinating discussions derailed by troll activity. If a person is going to post there, here’s some things that person should know:
1) Trolls happen, and they leave droppings all over the place. The best possible way to handle this is to not respond to any nastiness, no matter how vile!
That seques into the ratings system so here’s piece of advice #2. The ratings are mostly used to express personal dislike of a poster. They are supposed to be about the post, but in reality, they are used like a blunt instrument.
The CL arts forum can be an addicting place, full of drama and art, villians and nice people. It’s a global forum and as such, is full of all kinds of people.
I visit it alot, and I have met some wonderful people on there that I treasure as friends. So, if a person can ignore the nasties, enjoy the good, this can be an interesting place!, the discussion forums.


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