Ran out of glue!!!

Off to Home Depot! I ‘m out of glue and that means that all progress on Gaia came to a screeching halt.
Not that that’s a bad thing, though. I’m having a really bad day on the pain front. We’ve got a double whammy of storm fronts, and that just kills me. The worst part is, it makes art hard to do. Sometimes, it just makes art too hard to do.
So running out of glue wasn’t totally bad. I won’t stop when I’m on a roll, and I suffer for it the next day.
That’s the thing about art.
I just have to do it. Whether or not it sells; whether or not it’s beloved by all who see it, or hated on the spot, I just have to do it!
Sometimes the images get me up out of a sound sleep. They want to be known, and there is no sleeping until I’ve at least gotten a rudimentary sketch on paper.
There is no choice, they buzz in my head and turn on my brain until I get up and put them from my head to the paper. Then some of the urgency wears off and I can go to sleep.
Sometimes I curse the images when they do that.


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